Michael J. Wood is a novelist/entrepreneur and born writer.  His biggest career achievement to date has been been his founding and management of the Nashville Film Festival’s Screenwriting competition. The competition began as an idea that Michael brought to the Festival directions, which arose from his determination to make a difference in other artists’ lives. The competition was highly successful in its first year under Michael’s management, receiving 1,500+ entries and making great industry connections for writers everywhere.

Since his work as the competition founder and manager at the Nashville Film Festival, Michael has worked as an independent consultant for the Austin Film Festival and Nashville Film Festival, as well as privately consulting with writers everywhere interested in getting their screenplays ready to succeed in the industry.

He is also the author of the eBook The Popular Writer’s Code, a practical manual to teach commercially popular storytelling to writers. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.F.A. in Writing For Screen & Television.

He is also known for being a yoga teacher, pilates teacher, and cross country/track runner. In high school, Michael went from being a junior varsity runner to being the all-time school record holder in the 2 mile run and 5K run – records that have yet to be broken.

He is also a novelist – and a perfectionist. Hence, he has several “in-polish” novels that he’ll be ready to release very soon. Generally, his novels are about adventurousness, and the way life can turn on a dime. If you’d like to read the beginnings, click on the link below:

Read Michael J. Wood’s Novels




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